6 Benefits of Custom Corrugated Packaging – Covenant Packaging

Corrugated packaging is essential to global commerce. It’s arguably even more important than the products themselves. While that may sound outrageous, what good are tangible goods if there is no way to share (or more appropriately, deliver) them to all corners of the world? To get your merchandise where it needs to go, you need […]

The Love of Jesus

Jesus is Risen! You may know Him as a great man who did incredible things during His earthly life, but do you really know the love of Jesus? Our friend who emptied Himself of blood and life so that we could be fulfilled for all eternity? On this Easter Sunday, we reflect, we celebrate and […]

How To Save Money On Packaging…The Smart Way!

It may (almost) be April, but there’s no need to be foolish with your packaging expenditures. Keep reading if your business is looking for the right ways to save money on packaging. Add More Sizes No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. One of the best ways to save money on packaging is to […]

Looking Ahead: A Note of Thanks

We look ahead to the limitless possibility of a brand new year with a sense of anticipation and gratefulness. The global pandemic endures, and with it, so do a host of unprecedented demands felt by our business, our partners and our clients. As we leave behind a full twelve months of labor and supply chain […]

The Greatest Gifts

What a gift our customers are to us! The continued support and partnership we find in each and every one of you is counted among our greatest blessings. But amid the excitement of the holidays, let us pause and remember the most treasured one of all, which came to us one silent night so many […]

‘Tis The Season For Something Spectacular

From sleigh bells to snowflakes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year, give your customers even more than they asked for. Whatever your business specializes in, Covenant Packaging’s custom solutions can turn them into showstoppers. Read on for ways we can help make this season of giving a little merrier for everyone […]

Colored Leaves and Saving Trees

The air is crisp and the colors of the season are ablaze all around. There is no denying that fall is here! As the trees turn loose their vibrant leaves, let us pause and think about preservation. Specifically, what the corrugated industry is doing to ensure the seasonal beauty can be enjoyed by generations to […]

Extraordinary, Every Day.

Can something be both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time? In the case of corrugate, the answer is a resounding yes. It’s the everywhere commodity whose design and impact pack a punch unlike anything else in the world. Don’t believe us? You better keep reading. It Transports There is a reason corrugated packaging is […]

More Than Just a Pretty Package

Customized packaging is an easy way for your business to make an impactful first impression on consumers while also enhancing the brand experience. How, exactly, does corrugated packaging elevate your brand’s identity? Read on to learn more. Tailor-Made Package Types From triangular tubes to boxes with handles or even pillow-shaped with a window, whatever your […]

Part II: Unexpected Ways the Paper Shortage Impacts You

The paper shortage is real and is directly impacting you, whether you realize it or not. In our last blog we looked at e-commerce and food supply. Read on for some more unexpected ways it is leaving an impression. Sustainability As both reusable and renewable, corrugated packaging’s  sustainability qualities are a source of pride in […]