How To Save Money On Packaging…The Smart Way!

Save On Packaging the Smart Way

It may (almost) be April, but there’s no need to be foolish with your packaging expenditures. Keep reading if your business is looking for the right ways to save money on packaging.

Add More Sizes

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. One of the best ways to save money on packaging is to add more sizes to your lineup. While it may sound counterintuitive to spend more upfront on a broader selection, in the long run, it can spell big savings for your company. Increasing the variety of corrugated boxes on hand ensures your product is being shipped in an appropriately sized container. Aside from offering better protection for contents, you’ll ultimately spend less on costly (and wasteful!) filler while maximizing cube efficiencies during warehousing and transport. More product for less money? Smart move.

Increase Quantities

If you aren’t already buying your corrugated in bulk, it would be foolish not to start. Did you know that most manufacturers calculate pricing by square footage per run? When you commit to quantities that move you from one board break to the next, your business could save up to a whopping 20%. Make the system work for you by planning for the now, the later and every product shipment in between.

Buy Custom

We’re not joking! This isn’t the first time we’ve touted the advantages of custom boxes. In fact, our October blog detailed some of the many options available. Going custom may sound like a splurge, but when you consider the cost-to-benefits, its actually a great way to save while adding some additional branding touch points as well. Your product is unique, its packaging should be as well. Remember what we said early about adding sizes to your lineup? If standard sizes aren’t getting the job done, create a size that will. While you’re at it, add some splashy personality or tech-forward social engagement opportunities. They not only reinforce your brand, but earn it some extra attention, too!

Get Serious About Quality

Packaging failure is no laughing matter. And the best way to reduce instances – as well as associated costs – is by choosing quality corrugate. We’re said it before and we’ll say it again: spending and investing are not the same! When it comes to quality, this is one place it’s always smart to spend now to save later. Sturdier boxes mean less breakage, fewer claims and preserving priceless customer satisfaction. Your future self will thank you, we promise.

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