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We can solve all your custom packaging needs with full service and support right here in Kansas City

Our experience in the corrugated packaging industry surpasses most of our competition, with our team having more than 45 years of hands-on experience. This experience has resulted in our ability to provide effective solutions that meet our customer’s needs.

We don’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to packaging for your product.

Instead, we view the product and listen to the unique needs you have for the packaging. This includes factors such as size, design, and unique features. Once a full understanding of the packaging needed is achieved, we create a sample.

The sample includes the specified size along with any custom design needed for the exterior. You have the final say regarding if the production of the corrugated packaging is started. 

We create corrugated packaging based on your product and your needs. We don’t expect you to make a pre-sized box work for a custom product. For most items, this isn’t efficient or cost-effective. 

To ensure every customer gets the solutions needed, we offer an array of products. Our corrugated packaging items include:

• Custom set up boxes

• Custom size boxes

• Stock boxes

• Displays

• Mailers and folders

• Custom printed boxes

• Bin boxes

It doesn’t matter the size, unique dimensions, or weight of your product; we can design a customized corrugated packaging solution to perfectly suit it. We work to minimize wasted space while creating a box that provides superior protection for the item inside.

At Covenant Packaging Inc., we are committed to providing all packaging needs – big or small – to customers from all industries. Once you approve the corrugated packaging designed based on your specifications, we can get to work to make 100 or 100,000. We are a truly custom corrugated packaging supplier.

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