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custom corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging is essential to global commerce. It’s arguably even more important than the products themselves. While that may sound outrageous, what good are tangible goods if there is no way to share (or more appropriately, deliver) them to all corners of the world?

To get your merchandise where it needs to go, you need a good package to get it there. As you consider your options, it’s important to remember that all boxes are not created equal. Custom corrugated packaging solutions are the only way to go for savvy businesses that want to get the most mileage out of their packaging. Read on to find out why (you don’t want to miss #1!).

6. Custom Corrugated Packaging is Reliable

Classics earn their titles for a reason, and custom corrugated packaging is no exception. With fluted inner layers nestled snugly between two or more layers of flat linerboard, corrugated provides a superior level of time-tested protection that no other shipping material can…and that’s just standard issue boxes.

Custom corrugated solutions will match the size, shape, design and printing to your exact specs. An endless number of combinations puts you in complete control of how your product is presented…and protected. Every customization increases shipping stability exponentially.

No matter how closely you tailor your packaging – or not – to your product, the strength and protection that only corrugated can deliver will always be the gold standard in shipping materials.

5. Lightweight

Consider custom corrugated packaging the 8th wonder of the world. Yes, it delivers super shock absorption during shipping, but it’s also one of the most lightweight solutions available.

We’ll chalk it up to all of those wonderfully pillowy channels between each layer of linerboard. While it may be nice to imaging your precious products enjoying their long-haul shipping in the plushest conditions, there’s an even more important reason this matters: your bottom line.

That’s right. These dream packages make your packed boxes lighter, so you pay less in freight and use less fuel in transit.

If you thought that was impressive, prepare to have your mind blown. Custom corrugated packages can actually reduce your overall cargo spend.

Made-to-spec boxes fit your product like a glove. This means there is no unused space in the box and less excess weight. But most significant is that every train (or plane or automobile) can be loaded up with even more product when it comes time to ship, so you get more product delivered, in fewer trips, at a lesser cost.

4. Eco-Friendly Solutions

Love your mother…Earth, that is! Custom corrugated packaging may be brown, but it’s the greenest choice out there.

Unlike plastic or whole wood pallets, corrugate is made from 70%-100% post-consumer recycled materials. Not only are you doing good when using your packages, it naturally composts when you’re finished. We’d like to see any of those other shipping materials try to compete!

Corrugate is natural by default. But if sustainability is central to your business ethos, look for packaging with SEI or FSC certifications. These help you rest assured that you’re taking maximum action to preserve our planet’s valuable resources.

By choosing custom corrugated packaging, you will also have a partner on your side. They can help you source certified materials, ensuring alignment between materials and mission.

3. Custom Corrugated Packages Just For You

Every business has its own unique needs. One of the best things about custom corrugated packaging is that it gives you the flexibility to max your boxes as splashy – or as simple – as you want them to be.

Some subscribe to the notion that corrugated boxes are simply a vessel for safe transport from Point A to Point B. Purists rejoice, because even the most unfussy exteriors can house a precision fabricated interior designed to maximize corrugated’s already stellar shipping protection.

Others see their shipping vessels as an extension of their brand experience. They want – even expect – packaging to look the part. Logos, QR codes, glossy finishes and full-color prints are all on the table when it comes to customization options, with or without a tailored interior. Curious?  Click here to read more about ways boxes can be so much more than just a pretty package.

2. Cost Efficient

With so many ways to make custom corrugated packaging work, you might be thinking that made-to-spec will break the bank. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to!

Budgets matter, so it’s always important to choose the solution that honors priorities while maximizing value. Many new-to-custom consumers are surprised to learn that the net difference between custom and standard packaging options often amounts to just pennies per unit. It’s a small price to pay for the benefits it yields.

Less packaging waste and more effective container packing means your business only spends money where it’s needed…not on unused excess. Freight spend is more efficient. Fewer shipments are needed. And let’s not forget that customized solutions better protect your product in transit, reducing damage, claim and insurance premiums.

The cost of custom corrugated packaging may be incrementally higher at the onset, but in the long run, nothing can compare to the value it delivers.

1.  Readily Available

One of the biggest misnomers about custom corrugated packaging is that it requires significant lead time. Yes, this article has been replete with good news, but the best of all is that lead times on your made-to-spec solution is mere weeks.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, turnaround times experienced the most significant slowdown in history. Labor and input shortages at mills around the world led to unprecedented delays. Now, paper production has returned to pre-pandemic levels. So too have delivery times, meaning your custom corrugated packaging will be available on time, every time.

What are you waiting for?

Now that we’ve laid our the top benefits of custom corrugated packaging, are you ready to craft your own? The team at Covenant Packaging is Kansas City’s hometown corrugated partner for a world-class experience.

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