‘Tis The Season For Something Spectacular

From sleigh bells to snowflakes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This year, give your customers even more than they asked for. Whatever your business specializes in, Covenant Packaging’s custom solutions can turn them into showstoppers. Read on for ways we can help make this season of giving a little merrier for everyone on the nice list.

A Workshop Full of Elves

To unknowing passersby, designing corrugated packaging might seem like an easy, or perhaps even simple, endeavor. But those in the business know that it is far more involved than that. The process itself requires extensive training and technical skill that is heavily based in science and mathematics. In fact, there are entire collegiate programs dedicated to packaging design. It makes sense, when you think about it, considering corrugate is a wonder of both durability and light weight. Luckily, Covenant Packaging works with a team of highly qualified elves, er, associates, with backgrounds in exactly this type of technical design. They are eager to work with you from concept to production, and ensure you have the perfect package for each of your products.

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Corrugate packaging needn’t be boring. Remember those elves we mentioned? They’ve got brains and (an eye for) beauty, too. Part of their magic is in helping you create a bespoke package that showcases its contents. With a practically endless array of customization options, the power to deliver a ready-to-gift box is in your hands. Give your customers the gift of a beautifully constructed parcel designed with intention. No repackaging. No additional shopping. It just may be a Christmas miracle.

Bumpety, Bump, Bump

Holidays are a time for cheer and merriment. For loved ones celebrating from afar, don’t let the spirit of the season be dampened by a damaged delivery. Corrugate is the reigning champion of brawn, which is elevated further when designed to fit your goods perfectly. A ride on Santa’s sleigh may be bumpy, but it’s no match for the protection offered by custom corrugated inserts. You can rest assured that no matter how fast Rudolph runs, gifts will look great from the workshop to the bowery.