Part II: Unexpected Ways the Paper Shortage Impacts You

The paper shortage is real and is directly impacting you, whether you realize it or not. In our last blog we looked at e-commerce and food supply. Read on for some more unexpected ways it is leaving an impression.


As both reusable and renewable, corrugated packaging’s  sustainability qualities are a source of pride in the industry. Our products are created from upwards of 70% recycled materials, significantly reducing energy needs compared to other processes that require virgin materials. The unique properties of corrugated packaging also enable it to effortlessly support adjunct “green” initiatives such as non-toxic inks and scrap metal that fuel alternative energy sources. Don’t get caught unprepared and forced to turn to eco-harmful solutions.

Natural Disasters

No geography is immune, and in recent years, we have seen a higher frequency and greater severity of natural disasters than ever before. We watch and bear passive witness to the destruction from our devices, but have you considered the role of corrugated packaging in the recovery effort? Hundreds of thousands of individuals require life-supporting food, water, supplies and fuel, much of which is sent from across the nation. Single source providers require thousands of packing units to send their aid, without which recovery is slowed.

In Conclusion

The supply squeeze is here, but you needn’t fall victim to its influence. There is no denying the lead time on order fulfillment has increased, but with a little preparation, you can absolutely come out on top. Anticipative thinking coupled with forward action will yield big results for your business in 2021. Place your year-end orders now and position yourself for success into the new year.