Part I: Unexpected Ways The Paper Shortage Impacts You

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been no lack of product shortages: meat, processing chips, hand sanitizer and – who could forget – toilet paper. The global economy was forced to adapt, revealing heroes in unexpected places. While delivery drivers and grocery workers are deserving of all given praise, the true champion of their efforts is none other than corrugated packaging, without which their efforts would be in vain. Corrugated packaging is a ubiquitous commodity, simultaneously everywhere and nowhere, and our new normal has created a packaging supply issue on a never-before-seen scale. In this two-part series, we look at the less obvious ways it has a direct impact on you…some of which might be surprising!


Were you one of the thousands who recently turned your creative hobby into a revenue stream? If so, you may have a newfound appreciation for the quality and reliability that only corrugated packaging can deliver. Customizable sizing makes it an ideal solution for your unique creations by helping reduce your shipping costs. It also offers unparalleled protection while in transit, helping to reduce the risk of damaged product, lost goodwill and replacement costs. A win for customers is a win for businesses, whichever side of the sale you are on.

Food Supply

Two words: Hot pizza. It’s a food we are able to have delivered on demand thanks to triple layer corrugated packaging. These unique boxes aren’t just the stars of doorstep delivery, they also play a critical role in getting fresh produce to your local grocer. Corrugated packaging also boasts bacteria trapping qualities. By snapping up quality compromising microorganisms, corrugated packaging keeps fruits and veggies in peak condition for several times longer than non-corrugated alternatives. To the humble tomato, that’s practically a lifetime.

These impacts are just the beginning. Check back soon for more unexpected ways the paper shortage impacts you.