Extraordinary, Every Day.

Can something be both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time? In the case of corrugate, the answer is a resounding yes. It’s the everywhere commodity whose design and impact pack a punch unlike anything else in the world. Don’t believe us? You better keep reading.

It Transports

There is a reason corrugated packaging is the most common shipping material in the world, and it isn’t the practical-yet-chic neutral color. These babies are some of the skinniest shipping containers available, making them the coolest, most economical squares (or rectangles or triangles or rhombuses) in town. Thanks to being extremely lightweight and neatly stackable with minimal wasted space, corrugated shipments are more likely to cube out a truckload than weigh it out. This means lower freight costs, fewer trucks, less fuel and lower emissions. Does it get any better? As a matter of fact, it does.

It Sells

Custom corrugate in all its many iterations is a thing of beauty. We feel so strongly about this, in fact, that we actually dedicated an entire blog to custom solutions alone (ICYMI, click here to check it out). The box becomes a blank canvas rife with possibilities, customizable in countless ways. For years now, consumers’ buying habits have been shifting from brick and mortar to e-commerce, and savvy businesses know that customizing its packaging is an opportunity to maximize brand impact. When shipping direct to consumer, an inspired box can tell a story of its contents and the company that sent them. Early adopters will even leverage smart technology to actually make their packaging interactive. By adding elements such as temperature sensors or QR codes, receiving a shipment becomes an actual experience for the nearly 81% of the population with a smartphone.

It Protects

You may have heard the saying, “The tree that doesn’t bend will break.” If you haven’t, at least the inventors of corrugated cardboard seemed to, and for that we can all be thankful. By employing the strength of curved arches, corrugate was intentionally designed to be simultaneously fixed and flexible. Flat layers married with arcs in between yield a mind-bending masterpiece that is rigid enough to be stacked high, yet populated with air pockets to insulate and cushion. It’s like the delectable layers of a cake, but with less added sugar.

It Recycles

Corrugated packaging has so many lives, it makes cats jealous. In all seriousness, corrugate is far and away the most efficient packaging product available. Aside from being the fastest growing segment in the packaging industry as a whole, it is also one of the most recycled products on the planet. Each year about 96% of what is produced is successfully recovered and recycled, which over an 8-year period has reduced industry emissions by a whopping 35%. Even on its best days, plastic can’t compete with stats like that.