Advantages of Corrugated vs. Plastic Part 3 – Covenant Packaging

In Part I and Part II of this series, we unpacked the advantages of corrugated vs. plastic, we explored topics such as cost, sustainability and versatility. Corrugated was the clear winner on both topics. Now, as this three part series comes to a close, there is one remaining questions that must be addressed: which packaging […]

Advantages of Corrugated vs. Plastic Part 2 – Covenant Packaging

Part 1 of this blog series set the stage for our exploration of one of the most enduring debates of our industry: what are the real advantages of corrugated when compared to plastic? As we continue the discussion, Part 2 takes a careful look at sustainability. It’s not just critical to the debate over which […]

Advantages of Corrugated vs. Plastic Part 1 – Covenant Packaging

The advantages of corrugated packaging versus plastic is an age-old debate. Both are valuable materials with its own sets of benefits and drawbacks, making it a complex argument. So when it comes to you and your business, how do they stack up? We all have choices, but before you make make your decision it’s important […]