Benefits Offered by Corrugated Packaging in Kansas City

Corrugated Packaging in Kansas City

There are many benefits offered by corrugated packaging in Kansas City. For many industries and brands, corrugate is the packaging material of choice. Thanks to the high-tech construction, the material is able to carry a wide array of weights, protect items inside from moisture, and provide a sustainable packaging solution.

What’s even more beneficial is the fact that corrugated packaging is extremely customizable and cost-effective. Keep reading to learn more about the realm of corrugated packaging and the benefits it offers.

The Design

Corrugated packaging is constructed by combining 2 or 3 liner board grade materials with 1 or 2 medium grade materials.  The corrugated medium is fluted according to the requirement for each style of box and its purpose.  In E-flute, the flute height is 1/16” and this lends itself to die cut style boxes with retail applications.  B-Flute has a flute height of 1/8” and also lends itself to die cut style boxes.  C-Flute has a flute height of 3/16” and is most suitable for master shippers as it offers superior stacking strength.

Superior Safety and Security for Products

With a corrugated carton, your items receive a stable cushion. This keeps the items safe during any transport, including long-distances, as well as rough handling conditions. Depending on the level of protection your product or item requires, corrugated packaging is able to be varied in both thickness and sizes.

An added benefit of using corrugated packaging materials is that it helps to keep moisture away from what’s inside. This is particularly important for food products that have to withstand longer shipping times.

A Customizable Design

As mentioned above, the thickness of corrugated packaging is able to be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit for any type of product. What’s even more important, it can be designed with various adhesives, treatments and coatings. 

Modern corrugated packaging options are available in virtually all sizes and are able to be easily and quickly folded into an array of shapes to ensure a perfect fit for any product or industry. Additionally, the printing options available allow even further customization for the packaging needed.

A Cost-Effective and Sustainable Packaging Solution

The modern corrugated packaging cartons are considered some of the most affordable options available today. This material doesn’t require expensive labor costs or any type of costly tools to manufacture or to fill the boxes. In addition to that, corrugated is very easy to recycle. The containers are also able to be folded back up and stowed away to use at a later time.

Finding the Right Supplier for Corrugated Packaging in Kansas City

To see all the benefits mentioned here, it’s absolutely essential to find the best Kansas City packaging companies you can for your project. Take some time to find out about the options available and the method they use for creating the packaging needed. If customized solutions are needed, it’s necessary to find a supplier that can meet these needs. By doing so, you can see all the benefits mentioned here and more.

The bottom line is, due to the many benefits offered by corrugated packaging, it is an ideal packaging solution for virtually any type of product from any industry. It provides superior protection from damage during shipping, as well as potential moisture issues. This packaging solution is an affordable and smart option for virtually any item you sell, need to ship, or manufacture.