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At Covenant Packaging, we are proud to provide industrial companies the corrugated packaging solutions needed to match your exact needs. What makes our products different and unique is our ability to customize the packaging or carton to the precise specifications of the product in question.

With the ultimate goal of providing secure, high-quality packaging that gets your item safely from point A to point B, you can trust Covenant Packaging to deliver what you are looking for.

In the past, we have provided corrugated packaging solutions for all types of items, including:

• Obtuse, large industrial parts

• Lighting equipment

• Heavy metallic parts

• Electronics

At Covenant Packaging, we understand what it takes to keep your supply chain moving.

By customizing the packaging solutions with reinforced walls and changing the flutes in the carton itself, our design engineers ensure the packaging created for your specific item is strong enough to fully support and protect oddly shaped items, heavy items, and items with an incongruous center of balance.

We consider factors such as stress points, tensile strength, and bulge resistance when considering the packaging solution for your product. We also consider environmental impacts. With this high level of consideration, you can feel confident our packaging will deliver results that exceed your expectations.

When it comes to finding packaging solutions for the unique needs you have, it’s challenging to find a corrugated packaging supplier that can meet your needs. This isn’t an issue when you choose to work with Covenant Packaging. We carefully consider the needs you have to create the packaging solutions you need.

If you are ready to get started and find packaging solutions that meet the specific needs you have, then contact us. Our team can help ensure your item, product, or other object is properly packaged and that it can arrive safely at its intended destination.


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