Five Reasons Its Time for a Redesign

Hello spring! Blooming buds and chirping birds are just around the corner. The flowers may be fresh, but is your packaging? Read on for five reasons it’s time for a redesign.

Packaging Redesign Improves Brand Recognition

Whether bright and playful or sleek and modern, amplify your brand’s identity with packaging to match. Why? It’s your clients first impression of your company, of course! And despite the old adage, the truth is that most of us DO judge the proverbial book by its cover.

The Rule of Five

How long has it been since your packaging has been redesigned? If the answer is more than five years, the time has come for a refresh. Your product has undoubtedly evolved and so has technology. An exercise in updated package design will help you highlight the best of both.

Packaging Redesign Builds Customer Loyalty

This world of ours becomes more digital by the day. Are you leveraging your brand’s packaging to grow its online presence? Boxes and containers are an ideal – and cost effective – place to promote social media handles, new campaigns and promotional tags. Don’t just tell the world about your brand, broaden its reach and attract some new clients while you’re at it!

Up the (Quality) Ante

There’s spending and then there’s investing. Sure, cheap packaging may save you in the short-term, but chances are it will cost you broken deliverables, client satisfaction and brand goodwill. Prioritize your product’s protection now to reap the rewards later…not unlike those tulip bulbs so lovingly planted last autumn.

Packaging Redesign Improves Competitive Advantage

When it comes to packaging, this is the one time you WANT to keep up with the Joneses. All else being equal, if potential customers are choosing between a tired looking package or a fashion-forward one, you can guess which will come out one top. Nobody likes a copycat, but there are ways to work smarter and not harder. Pay attention to what’s working for The Other Guys and find a unique way to make it your own.

With more than 50 years of experience, the Covenant Packaging team has all of the tools to bring new life to your company’s packaging. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation on how to keep your corrugated looking as sprightly as the season!